A Historic Home, with a Story to tell

     Wide Waters is a historic treasure. It is the original home of the famous, local writer Samuel Hopkins Adams. Adams named his beautiful estate "Wide Waters," quite simply because it faced one of the widest sections of Owasco Lake. Adams wrote tirelessly at this tranquil setting but was also known to host wonderful parties by the lake that were attended by some of the great celebrities of the day. 
    Adams was one of the first writers of the 20th Century to specialize in both journalism and fiction. He wrote for the New Yorker magazine, testified before Congress on the subject of patent medicine, and is most famous for writing the original story upon which the classic film “It Happened One Night” is based. This amazing stone tudor home still bears many of the marks from the life and legacy of this great literary figure. 
     The home is fitted with storm windows and is suitable for year-round living. It currently has DirecTV and Hughes Net internet Service. Within the past two years there have been major infrastructure improvements including:

  • Open and Closed Cell Sprayfoam Insulation, 
  • Navien Combi Heat System, 
  • Ductless Split A/C Heat Pump Units, 
  • Two – 80 Gallon Hot Water Tanks, 
  • A 1,000 Gallon buried Propane Tank, 
  • Electric System Upgrade to 400 Amp Service with New Breaker Panels, 
  • A 2,000 Gallon followed by 1,000 Gallon Septic System with Eljin Leach Lines, 
  • Drain System and Plumbing Improvement plus many other upgrades.